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Monday, 3 October 2011

History of real batik in Indonesia

History of real batik in Indonesia

    Historically batik has recognized since the century of XVII, come from ancestors epoch written and painted at palm leaf. At the moment motif of batik was dominated with animal form and crop. But nowdays, the development of batik is in a long a progress, that is from animal painting patterns and crop by degrees change over at abstraction motif looking like cloud, temple relief, puppets of beber etcetera. Hereinafter, the combine of painting's pattern and clothes frieze art resulted batik drawn as we know today.

The type and pattern of traditional batik is various kind. But the variation of pattern is according to each culture and philosophy which is many kind. The variety culture in Indonesia has supported the born of kind batik in tradisioanal type and pattern there has own specialty and characteristic.

Growth of Batik in Indonesia
The history of Batik in Indonesia was related to Majapahit Kingdom and after. Batik has develoved in the empire of Mataram, and the kingdom of Solo and Yogyakarta.

Artistry of batik represent artistry of picture above cloth for clothes becoming one of the culture of Indonesia epoch king family first. In the beginning batik was done in limited just in palace and the result is for the king's clothes and family and also its follower. Because of many follower of king which's kept out palace. So, the art of batik was brought by them gone out palace and done in their place.

making a batik    
Soon and later, in development of batik was imitated by closest people and spread out to be worked by of woman in it's household to fill spare time. Hereinafter, batik which is the beginning to be the families king clothes, later become the clothes for common people, women and men are wear of it.

White materials which was used at that time was resulted of homespun. While the colour of materials are used the original flora made by our selt for Indonesia, example : tree of mengkudu, tinggi, soga, nila and it's soda materials is made from dusty soda, and also it's salt is made from mud.

So, Indonesian's batik has been recognized since Majapahit kingdom and development fill next empire. For the strarting to spread up the batik art to common people and specially Java's tribe is after the end of century or early century of XIX. The last product of batik was batik drawn (batik tulis) until the XX century, the stamp's batik (batik cap) has begun familiar after the first word war or about a year 1920. Nowadays, batik have become part traditional Indonesian textile.

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